What is Local SEO ?

Local SEO means optimising your website to be found in the SERPs when people search for keywords related to your business or location. SEO optimization for local searches is a process that affects the visibility of a website design in search results in a certain geographical area.


Local SEO is important for the same reason that SEO in general is important: gaining an online presence and tapping local traffic for expressions that interest your business.

How to get found for local searches

 46 % of all searches on Google have a “Local Intent”. 76% of consumers searching for something in a geographic area on their phone visit the store/business that day and 28% of these searches result in a purchase .

 The Google search engine is an important part of our online life. From being able to find information or even just finding a new restaurant for dinner, the internet is an integral part of our lives and how we live. To appear in these searches, businesses need local SEO. So for more details about SEO Packages Dubai.


 Local SEO is a strategy to rank a website higher in search engine results for local searches. The goal is to intercept as many site visitors as possible from a specific geographical area.

 The idea behind it is that if someone is looking for businesses in their area, they are most likely interested in a product/service. The benefit of local organic searches is that it allows users to find local businesses easily. This is an important benefit for both consumers and local businesses.


 Local searches on Google and other search engines show personalized results based on the user’s location and consists of categorizing business listings and mapping listings based on relevant keywords, such as “Shisha Café in Dubai” or “coffee shops near me”.

 Local Packs

Local organic searches rely on geographic information about the user to produce a list of results and a map that includes businesses near their current location. This means that they are not based on a user’s IP address, but rather on their physical location.

 Local search results are mainly based on three factors: relevance, distance and prominence . A combination of these factors helps Google find the best match for your search.


Optimizing your website for Local SEO means letting the search engine understand where your business is and that your company offers services in a specific geographic area. You can do this using different strategies.

 The goal is to improve your site’s online visibility locally when people use their mobile devices and search for something nearby . That’s why it’s important to focus on optimizing your site and increasing your rankings in SERPs, Google Maps, and other relevant local listings.

To rank highly in search results for locally relevant searches, it is important to consider:

  •         The geographic location of your business
  •         The keywords used (Keyword + city)
  •         The structure of your site
  •         Backlinks
  •         Google My Business Page (GMB)

 They play an important role :


  •         The location of the person searching on Google;
  •         NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on your website and in directories where your site is mentioned;
  •         Have a Google Business Profile;
  •         Reviews, etc.

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In order to maximize a site’s visibility in a local area, you should first research what keywords people are using to find places that are in the same niche as you. For example, if someone is looking for a restaurant in Sharjah, they will probably search for “restaurants near me” or “best restaurants in Sharjah”.

Google lists these three factors it takes into account in local rankings:


  •         relevance,
  •         distance,
  •         Prominence

This means that to rank high in Google’s local search results, your website must be relevant ( optimized ) to the search query. Second, your business must be in close proximity to the searcher ( distance ). And finally, your business should have some authority both online and offline ( evidence ).

When it comes to doing local SEO, Schema is something you should consider. For example, you could use structured data for local businesses : LocalBusiness . The implementation is not difficult. A simple Google search and you will find the information you need.